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For those of us who clearly inherited the wanderlust gene aka #thetravelbug, I think the need to explore and get out of town can be so strong that we feel bored if we're not on the go. Some people enjoy the idea of being bored - not me. I'm just taking a good guess that intertwined in my DNA is the DRD4-7R gene which is known to cause people to take risks and explore new places; around 20% of the general population possess this gene. If you are reading this, welcome to the club! Needless to say, when I endure long periods without travel, I fall into a funk where I ruminate on all of the things I'm not doing, not experiencing, or not learning. In other words, I have a hard time understanding my purpose at times. The part of my brain that says "we live in such a big, beautiful world, so get out and explore" won't stop talking to me, and I lose an appreciation for a very important thing in life - #home.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~ Mary Oliver

I've had one of those weeks so far that leaves one in a reflective state: #hurricaneflorence threatening loved ones and their safety, a touch of single-parenting while my spouse works crazy hours that has left me feeling lonely, kids with viral and a bacterial infections (meaning several doctor visits)... and just life in general. Ugh. Real life and home life have been intense the past few days.

But, real life is precious and moments are fleeting. A chat among friends yesterday about cultivating and welcoming #boredom in our lives turned things around for me, thankfully. Isn't it in moments of boredom that our mind has the ability to rest and reflect, leading us to think creatively? Isn't it in moments of quiet where we can hear the birds chirp and feel the warmth of the sun beating down on us and thinking man, isn't it good to be alive? Isn't it in the quiet where we feel truly grateful?

My #wanderlustgene is strong, and I'm always dreaming of going... anywhere really. One thing I do know is that is when I am on the road - and normally right after I return from travel - I do have a greater appreciation for the quiet - or the craziness - of real life, of home. Travel is such a great way to grow and learn and for some of us, a born necessity. Travel is also a great way to perpetuate an appreciation for where you live and your regular, everyday life. Spending time with or serving others, a weekend getaway, or even just looking forward to a planned trip always leave me with a feeling of true gratitude. I chose the picture above for my reflections on home because I live in a marvelous place of natural beauty that is full of it's own little adventures, and for that I am truly thankful. I started out my day today differently by saying aloud how I am grateful for the beauty and preciousness of the mundane (and of course the kiddos chimed in, too). For now, my mottos are:

  • practice gratefulness for the small things

  • be bored, sometimes

  • leave home to love home

Until next time... Bon Voyage et Belle Balade! And if you are looking for a week away among likeminded ladies to rediscover yourself, learn, and bring enriching experiences back home with you, visit The Balade Factory's travel page to find our more about upcoming travel opportunities. A week in #Paris, the City of Light, is good for the soul and will sustain the "everyday" you for a long time :)

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