Mother-Daughter Getaway 2020

When most people think of Paris it's all about art, fashion, cuisine, wine... adult stuff. All of those things are reasons why I love Paris, but I think it's also important to point out that #Paris is fun. Not just a little bit, but F-U-N - or amusante as the French say. This trip is designed for preteen girls+ and their moms as a way to add some sophistication and education to your getaway - in a fun way - all while enjoying one another's company in one of the world's oldest cities.

So, I'm happy to share that the first itinerary on the books for 2020 will be a fabulous week that's all about mother-daughter bonding and seeing Paris from a young girl's perspective. Hop on over to The Balade Factory Travel to Paris page to request more information about the We love Paris in the springtime itinerary, costs, activities, and more! We also have a group established for those interested on the Facebook page @thebaladefactory.

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