Why Paris with a travel agent ? Why not ?

Paris et la Tour Eiffel

Why build a business around traveling to Paris? I mean, it's not "new" or "undiscovered" at all, and there are probably one million guidebooks already published about the city. Any regular person who is slightly enthusiastic about going there could come up with a failproof itinerary unassisted, right? Sure...er uh maybe. So you might ask, why do I need a travel agent or tour escort to travel to Paris? The Balade Factory says... why not?

Traveling to Paris through a #travelagent #tourguide or event a #tourescort is one of those "why?" questions where there is not one, simple answer, and not all travels will relate to the reasons why I'm suggesting this is a great idea. Paris is a lot like other major cities:

  • It's big, really big, with lots of narrow, meandering streets instead of square blocks and numerically-named roads (think Fifth Avenue or 21st Street). Although #gettinglost is one of the pleasures of discovery and travel, you don't want to end up on the outskirts of the city when you meant to spend your day at the #louvre right?

  • It's a foreign country with foreign language. In most touristy areas or on guided tours, sure, you'll have English-speakers at your fingertips. But do you really want to be the typical tourist? No, so that leads me to my next point...

  • It's essentially a lot of little neighborhoods called #arrondissements that make up one, large city. Did you know that Paris is also called the #escargot ? That's because the neighborhoods wrap around themselves in a spiral like the shell of a snail, once again, sending tourists in - for Americans - an illogical jump from the 1st arrondissement to the 8th - wait, what happened to the 2nd-7th arrondissement? #mypoint Plan to #getlost with some locals - don't actually get lost #lol

  • It's got mini-neighborhoods, too! Within this spiral of arrondissements there are also specific #quartiers that have their own unique sights, sounds, flavors, and more. So, if you only hit the tourist highlights from your guidebook, you'll most likely have a bit of #travelremorse after your trip that will leaving you wanting to head back for a more in-depth visit with the native #parisien population. Get the best of both worlds with a carefully planned a guided trip, friends.

  • It's in love with itself - and rightfully so... have you seen it?!? If you really want to get on with Parisians, speak to them #enfrançais - even if it's just the simple pleasantries of life such as #merci #derien #silvousplait #bonappetit and #bonjour. France is the most-visited country in the world, and it does make a difference to people when they see a foreigner making a sincere effort. You will make a big difference in the connections you'll make while on tour in Paris when you really submerse yourself with an escorted tour. The Balade Factory @thebaladefactory has you covered because a language guide travels with you, taking you around the city like a local and helping you to integrate with the locals - you'll definitely pick up some French along the way! (P.S. @thebaladefactory also offers #languagelessonsonline for your pre-departure #frenchlanguage needs)

So yes, you can do Paris on your own with zero travel agents, zero language lessons, and zero tour escorts - grab that #guidebook and start researching! In fact, I'm hoping to pick up a copy of this lovely little gem called Paris in Stride by @jessiekanelosweiner with her vibrant and fun watercolors guiding readers as they #balade in Paris.

HOWEVER... As lovely as they are, guidebooks can't speak the language for you (but why??? that would be so awesome!) ...nor can they auto-plan your Parisian adventure ...nor can they know what to do when there is an unexpected travel disruption ... nor can they automatically update to all of the "new" things going on during your visit ... nor can they cannot you with real people who live in this fabulous city. Whether you are a first-time visitor to Paris, or want to get to know the city as it currently exists, won't you consider an agent? Better yet, won't you consider The Balade Factory? We'd love to send you on an unforgettable #balade to Paris with a fabulous group of women, an experience that will leave you all feeling ready to conquer the local #brasserie and your nearest #metro station. Allons-y! Let's go!

Dreaming of Paris? Consider travel with The Balade Factory here ; we specialize in small-group travel to Paris for solo females.

- Bon Voyage et Belle Balade

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